Our highly competent technical staff can supply a complete
package of stage, lighting, sound and audiovisual services.

Both venues in the new concert hall have stage mechanics from Waagner-Biro, Austria. Everything is controlled through a multi-functional system called CAT (Computer Aided Theatre), which is developed by Waagner-Biro.

The system runs all flybars, point hoists and stage lifts. It also handles the moveable acoustic elements, like the ceiling in the concert hall, and a number of acoustic drapes around the venues. In 3,5 years of work, the system has proven to be strong and trustable.

For internal communication, we use a system from Riedel, where we have the opportunities to use both wired and wireless beltpacks. The system is fully programmable via computers, so that communication routes can be customized for each user or production if needed. We have base controls in each control room and stage manager room.

The infrastructure for sound, lights, AV and stage are based on numerous inputs all over the building, and several huge patch panels that connects equipment without visible cables.


Contact our Production Manager, Knut Nøst:
Telephone: +47 906 00 845