The orchestra hall is named after the Stavanger-born composer Fartein Valen (1887 – 1952). With his atonal music, Fartein Valen is considered to be one of the great Norwegian composers of the 20th century.

The hall is both magnificent and intimate. It has a typical shoe-box form and can hold an audience of 1500 in the stalls, the 3 balconies and the choir area. The walls and balcony fronts are finished in oiled maple, the floor in ash. The Italian seats are made of light maple covered with purple mohair velvet.

The hall’s acoustics are designed principally for unamplified music and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra’s repertoire. However, the acoustics can be regulated by changing the dimensions of the hall (the ceiling can be raised and lowered by 5 metres), by the use of acoustic reflectors above the stage and with the help of sound-absorbing curtains along the walls.

These adjustments in the acoustics make it possible to present lightly-amplified music and speech. When used for conferences the hall has a seating capacity of 1200.


For offers and booking contact our Head of Events, Henning Bredal:
Email: henning.bredal@stavanger-konserthus.no
Telephone: + 47 934 54 008

I got the most wonderful shock by the beauty of the new symphony hall. When we played the first note we immediately got the feeling of being in a world-class hall.

Steven Sloane, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra’s Chief Conductor in the opening season.

I’ll gladly shout it out again: What an acoustic! The Stavanger Concert Hall is a world class hall! It is still a little unreal, and I pinch my arm in between the movements of Brittens piano concert.

– Leif Ove Andsnes, April 2018.