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10cc, a pioneering and influential band in popular music history, achieved commercial, critical, and creative success. With hits like “I’m Not In Love” and “Dreadlock Holiday,” they’ve amassed over 30 million album sales worldwide. Their timeless songs continue to be celebrated globally, with a diverse fan base spanning generations.

Originally formed in the 1970s, 10cc distinguished themselves by focusing on sophisticated rock masterpieces over image or celebrity status. Their unique blend of influences, ranging from The Beatles to Burt Bacharach, shaped their distinctive sound.

The band, initially consisting of Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme, produced some of the greatest pop records of the 20th century. The departure of Godley and Creme in the late ’70s marked a challenging period, but Gouldman and Stewart persisted, achieving further success with albums like “Deceptive Bends” and “Bloody Tourists.”

Post-10cc, all four original members enjoyed individual successes in music. Gouldman and Stewart reunited in the ’90s for more 10cc albums, and the band continued touring globally. Notably, Gouldman was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2014.

Despite lineup changes and challenges, 10cc remains a touring force, consistently attracting audiences across the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The band’s endurance and popularity reflect their unwavering commitment to delivering hit after hit to both longtime fans and new generations.

The live band line-up is:

Graham Gouldman – bass guitars, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Rick Fenn – lead electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Paul Burgess – drums, percussion, keyboards
Iain Hornal – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, mandolin, keyboards, vocals
Keith Hayman – keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals


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