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When Madrugada regrouped to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their classic debut album «Industrial Silence» in 2019, they quickly realised that interest in the band had not waned in their absence. It had, in fact, increased, not least on the European continent.

What’s more, they realised that they loved being back together. Being in Madrugada had never been quite this much fun.

The tour was a triumph, with the band selling out shows in the their native Norway, plenty of festival dates and a host of concerts throughout Europe, where the band now sold out halls that were twice the size of the places they used to play back in the day.

10 years on from when the band called it a day after guitarist Robert Burås passed, the three remaining original members – Høyem, Frode Jacobsen (bass) and Jon Lauvland Pettersen (drums) – felt rejuvenated and ready for more.

In 2022, Madrugada released “Chimes at Midnight”, an album described by vocalist Sivert Høyem as “…born of an atmosphere of true joy and goodwill. To me, it’s a passionate album».

Madrugada is now ready for a new tour to celebrate the new album and reopening of stages around the world. We look forward to accompanying them on the journey, and to see them here in December!

This concert is played with a standing audience.

This event has an 18 year age limit. Youths older than 13, but not yet 18, is admitted only in the company of a guardian. If you are under the age of 18, you must fill out a guardian form and bring it to the venue. If this applies to you, please read and fill out guardian form here (only available in Norwegian).

This event include accessible areas for wheelchair users. To purchase a wheelchair position and tickets for carers/companions, please contact our box office by telephone to (+47) 51 53 70 00, or send an email to

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