Kari Bremnes

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North-facing, open, expansive, and personal are words used to describe Kari Bremnes’s music. In the fall of 2024, she and her band embark on an extensive tour of Norway, from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north.

“In the midst of the great November darkness, I seek light. Often, I find it in music. It’s almost as if I feel ashamed to be so privileged in these tough times, that I can use my days to write songs. But I am not tougher than the fact that I need this light. We have a concert break now, a time for writing and recording, which will last well into spring. In my calendar, the fall of 2024 has a bright ring around it. Then we will travel again, the band and I. And do what we love, play concerts for people who want to listen. When that time comes, I believe it will feel absolutely necessary!” – Kari Bremnes

The enormous range in her concerts is a signature of Kari Bremnes’s band – from the brightest to the quite dark and raw. And all the while, with a closeness to people and life stories. Kari has been writing songs for 20 years and has released 15 solo albums. Join the warmth in the fall of 2024 when Kari and her band perform songs from Kari’s rich repertoire.

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