Analog the company: Finale

Wednesday 13. November 201913. Nov 2019 19:00 Buy


Eight friends, all top-class acrobats and musicians, come together to celebrate their friendship and life itself!

The daredevils of Analog invite you to a supercharged evening, complete with live music and crazy acrobatics. Lead by a pop diva and her sidekick drummer, FINALE twists cabaret, circus and rock together into a wild party you won’t forget!

Joy leads the way as unforgettable feats follow one another as each of the eight friends perform breathtaking acts, showing off their lively personalities and unparalleled skills. Join this playful band as they spread their infectious, overflowing energy into the audience and out into the night!

“Smiles and laughter in the audience which is in awe” – Berliner Zeitung

Analog was founded in 2013 by the Berliner-by-choice Florian Zumkehr and his former partner, with the goal to do away with artifice. Analog focuses on true and real relationships, the highest technical calibre and audience interaction to transmit the passion and fun they have on stage directly to the viewer.

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes, no break.

FINALE is endorsed by The Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet).

Promoter: Stavanger Concert Hall