Organ Night / Screen City

Saturday 19. October 201919. Oct 2019 20:30 Buy

Fartein Valen

Science, art and ecology come together in this edition of Organ Night, which is held in collaboration with Screen City Biennial.

The event hosts two works focused on observations from a microscope. In Caliche Crystals, Michelle-Marie Letelier and Kalma follow the growth of salpetre crystals, followed by music improvised by organist Nils Henrik Asheim.

Reclaiming Vision is a film by Marjolijn Dijkman and Toril Johannessen, in which a diverse cast of microorganisms are observed in brackish water of the Oslo Fjord. Henry Vega performs his electronic music together with cellist Jan Willem Troost.

Composer Sven Lyder Kahrs wrote “Sudden in a Shaft of Sunlight” (world premiere tonight) as a commission for the organ of Stavanger Concert Hall.

Øyvind Brantsegg has adapted Conlon Nancarrow’s (1912-1997) legendary “Studies for player piano” for automatized organ and piano, and plays against the computer’s artificial intelligence with the instrument Marimba Lumina.

And, as at all Organ Nights, the evening ends with a party!

Screen City 2019 holds the theme “Ecology – lost, found and continued” and takes place 17th to 30th of October in central Stavanger.

For more information, please visit Screen City’s official website:

Visual artists:
Michelle-Marie Letelier
Marjolijn Dijkman
Toril Johannessen

Henry Vega
Jan Willem Troost
Øyvind Brandtsegg
Nils Henrik Asheim
Tarjei Nygård, DJ

20:30 Sudden in a Shaft of Sunlight
          Caliche Crystals
21:20 Artist talk in foyer
21:40 Reclaiming Vision
22:15 Artist talk in foyer
22:35 Øyvind Brandtsegg
23:15 DJ Tarjei Nygård

Presented by Stavanger konserthus // Screen City

Andre Orgel Screen City Student